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In June 2019 Xtreme Cleaning Services were awarded with the builders clean of the new Europa Sports Complex by GJBS. Our cleaners provided a high standard of professional service all throughout up to and including the opening ceremony of the Gibraltar Island Games 2019.
During this time we provided a window specialist team which had to continuously clean every window more than twice as preparations were getting close to the opening and construction was still ongoing during the cleaning process.
At times we deployed cleaners working in different areas of the stadium to provide a professional service. Every employee was provided with the proper P.P.E. including safety helmet, high visibility vests, Safety boots and the proper products and equipment to be used per task. Every worker was given a safety briefing and onsite induction before starting work and a method of signing in and out throughout the month of work. Supervisors were present at all times ensuring the maximum effort was always applied.

In June 2019 Xtreme Cleaning Services was awarded with carrying out a builders clean followed by a deep clean of every apartment in the new development of Clemence Suites at Devils Tower Road. Although the construction phase finished in mid July, the cleaning of the apartments individually carried on all throughout August to be presented in pristine condition to the new home owners.
Every cleaner was supplied with proper P.P.E. while the construction phase was still on going, this included high visibility vests, safety boots, safety helmets and those who dealt with some of our stronger products had to wear safety masks and safety gloves. This building consists of 12 floors with multiple apartments per floor. Our team cleaned every apartment of every floor, also the hallways, lift area and stairwell. The end result was very satisfactory and we are still receiving home owner requests to clean their dwellings privately reflecting on our consistent outstanding performance.

In 2018 Xtreme Cleaning Services were awarded with the cleaning and up keep of Sir William Jackson Grove. Our team of cleaners brought up the standard of cleanness of this Estate and have managed to keep it to a very high standard throughout. Our cleaners can be seen daily on site working very hard to maintain the standards achieved. They are all equipped with the necessary equipment and use our range of certified products to produce the required level of service for maximum customer satisfaction. In 2018 Xtreme Cleaning Services were also awarded with the cleaning and maintenance of Bayview Terraces. We also provide our Caretaker services and together with our Cleaners provide a very high standard of service, emails are constantly received from clients expressing their delight at the team we have since supplied onsite. Our staff always ensuring a professional and efficient service is provided throughout the Estate.

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